And The Stars Aligned

Recap of our last episode; Sister decided that she did want to get more information on the lots of land we drove around back in Episode 1, no, not that episode, mesanotwanna go down that road (laughing at my own joke regardless of how bad it is)  Moving on, The Dogfather and sister waited for me to be the grandmaster adult and toured lots of land.  Sister found two she liked…We found one we really liked.

So in order to delve into this, I think we almost have to go back to the good ole’ days where the Dogfather and myself may not have even been married, maybe not even engaged…You know that wonderfully blissful point in the relationship where you stay up for hours upon hours talking about what if’s, dreams, wants and desires.  Disclaimer part one; I am so lucky that we still do all of this and even though we’ve been together for more than a decade now, it simultaneously feels like longer than that and also how has ten years passed so fast….awwwwww, gag, moving on.

Now those of all y’alls who actually know us will know that neither of us are extroverts, we enjoy our close friends, family and dogs, the phrase stranger danger exists for a reason.  Therefore one of our early dreams / wishes / wants was for our forever home to have acreage.  We wanted to be able to do what we wanted where and when we wanted for our land.  Whenever we would discuss where we would want to buy land, it was always on the western side of the state for a few reasons:

  -That’s where a lot of his family is

    -Being the “what do you mean this isn’t the flu” child of the family my siblings are all established in their parts of the country with their own families

    -Have you seen Western Wyoming?!?! 

    -Close to major hospitals, remote but close to amenities needed for stuff, good place to retire we decided

So every so often when we would think of it we would look for land over in the Smoot, Afton, Star Valley, Star Valley Ranch area.  A few times even we found a lot that we really liked.  There are three lots that I still remember to this day.  The first lot was a lot in Star Valley Ranch.  It was about an acre of land, beautiful forested area and the community from what we experienced and looked at was actually a very much vacation home community.  We were serious enough to look into the town ordinances and ultimately decided against it as it didn’t really allow us to develop the land over time, HOA’s etc.  The Second lot was a dream and never more than that.  There is a specific spot on US 89 that I always had an affinity for called the narrows.  There was a seven acre lot that was on a hill, overlooked the Salt river, oh my goodness, I loved it.  But it was a little pricier and we didn’t have the funding and unsurprisingly, it sold eventually.  The last lot was in Smoot, another little 7 acres lot that was pure pasture.  We liked this lot as we would have family as close to literal neighbors without being actual neighbors.  

Now back to April 3, 2021:  We really did discuss over chicken nuggets, they might have even been dino shaped because everyone knows that dinosaur shaped anything tastes better than the normal version talk with sister about all the pros and cons of the lot with power and the lot that was dubbed prickly peak due to the yucca at the entrance and the cactus that was visible, but not so prolific that it was a hindrance.  Power lot has power is closer to people / more people have developed the land in case of emergency / closer to town / interstate.  Power lot has dedicated power to the lot.  Power lot is a little smaller so less land maintenance.  Power lot is flat. 

Prickly Peak has no power, no utilities, has a mess / garbage pile left from years of neglect.  But the Peak one is right on the county road, has such amazing views and more isolated…Remember-We are being responsible with our social distancing and 55 acres is greater than 35 acres more distance.  But the Peak will require more money up front to develop sooner.  Consensus at bedtime:  leaning towards the newly christened Pancake Flats compared to the Prickly Peak.  
We retreat to the bathroom where the previously discussed accusations in the previous blog fly.  Ultimately on paper, it’s everything we’re looking for:


-Can develop however we want

-We are only 20 minutes from 2nd largest city in the State

-Close to family as 3 of Tyson’s siblings are within an hour of us, 2 are technically in the same town we would eventually be living in

-Beautiful scenery even if it’s different than what we were originally thinking of

After a lot of discussion, we ultimately decide to let the metaphorical chips fall where they may.  We are here first and foremost to support sister…If she wants the peak lot, it’s hers and it wasn’t meant to be.  If she doesn’t, maybe we put down a refundable deposit and let it ruminate, sleep on it and talk ourselves out of it…After all, there are no trees there, there will never be trees there without a lot of work.

The next morning, Sister and Dogfather go to work, I, being a civil servant can’t work too hard and go back to sleep, it is Saturday after all.  But at this point in time, we also have a 6 month old labrador puppy.   Adorable photo for impact.

Therefore, I’m laying in bed getting puppy cuddles and watching youtube in bed, a noble pastime of ours.  One thing we didn’t do the previous day was ask anything of the pricing.  We wanted to get information on the land.  Don’t get me wrong, we knew approximations but not lot specific pricing.  Around 7:30 am, I get a text from the Dogfather…something to the effect of are you still thinking of the lot?  Do you still like the lot?  Over night I thought I had talked myself out of it, but the moment we start talking about it again, I know it’s something we have to try for.  I respond that yeah, I do like it and can try to find out information on Pancake Flats and Prickly Peak.  Again paraphrasing; “sounds good, I think you should call by 10 am”

Now this is HIGHLY, and yes the caps were needed, unusual.  I tell him I’ll send an email for him to pull up information, pricing, timelines for both lots, but timelines more on the peak lot as it is a foreclosure and the process that would be involved on it.  It is after all only 8 am at this point on a Saturday.  I draft up my email and yes this is the actual email with some redactions:  

Sat, Apr 3, 2021, 7:50 AM

Good morning and happy Saturday!

First of all I sincerely want to thank you for taking the time to meet originally with us last evening, your passion for the property shows and give Miss Cali (sp?) a treat and lovin for us.
After a lot of discussion last night and knowing how Sister works more would basically like to know when the peak lot goes back on the market next week:
1. What the list price would be for the lot2. How we can / best way to put a the $1000 really think it through and sort out the 10% down payment for the property.
We’ve been in the market for a lot of land to purchase to eventually build our dream / retirement home and both of us are having the gut, did we just walk into it while not looking vibes last night.
If you might be able to help us with pricing and how to that would be greatly appreciated.
Have a fantastic rest of your day and take care!

Sister and Dogfather work at the same place and of course the lands are all they are talking about at work and we get the confirmation that we are hoping for.  Sister thinks she wants to pursue Pancake Flats.  I get another text indicating this and a phone call from the Dogfather…I have NEVER, yes again, NEVER gotten a voluntary phone call indicating this and I really need to call before 10 am.  This is around 9:15 am.  I tell him I’ll make sure I call before 10 am.

09:27 am 04/04/2021:

I call the developer and indicate that I did send an email but that we felt like we needed to call to find out the details for both pancake flats and prickly peak.  

“Oh, I am so glad you called before 10 am…I had another appointment at 10 am and they were interested in that lot…”

Holy $#*!

Bye all y’all’s 

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