We had to help adult…

SO to recap the previous episode I’m Kate, the husband has suggested several PG-13 names for himself illustrating that no matter how old a Y chromosome may be, the mindset of a 13 year old boy still exists in the depths, had looked at land we had ignored for years and found it wasn’t as bad as we thought.  Sister #2 also wanted to look at the land we drove and determined like we did that it wasn’t half bad.

Okay, caught up ish?  

Good, here we go:

The duration of these episodes lasted roughly the last two weeks of March 2021 and through conversation with the sister living with us, we had her convinced / told her that for more information, she had to go to the sales office and speak with someone more knowledgeable / who had information we didn’t etc.  In turn, I would use my knowledge of data bases / public information to look into the water quality as we knew at a minimum that we would have to drill a water well.  Fortunately, I have a background in chemistry and having worked in labs & my current position focuses on water quality so I knew that depending on where you were, water is available via well, good flow rates, etc.  The websites and sources I used to determine the water / land quality are here if you are interested:




The first two links are Wyoming specific and do require you to create free logins, the other you can utilize anywhere in the US to my knowledge and has so much great information.

Anyways, we’re now getting to the good stuff;  Friday April 3, 2021:

At my job, I am lucky enough to work half days on Fridays and due to the joys of COVID, a regional championship volleyball was being held at Casper College.  I had been exploring options of expanding the officiating I had been doing and getting to watch some fantastic officials / compare / contrast rule sets, etc.  I could expound a lot more on this one, but you really don’t want me to.  Around 2 when the Dogfather got off of work he indicated that he and the sister were going to go to the sales office to talk about the land north of Casper.  I thought this was perfect!  They could stay busy while I was living in my volleyball world, awesome.  

I got done with the second to last match of the day and at that point bid the officials I was learning from adieu as I needed to spend time with my family.  I get home around 5 pm and ask how the trip to the sales office went…Paraphrasing but:

“We didn’t go, we were waiting for you”

“We needed a more responsible adult”

Oh my gosh, are you kidding me was the first thing I thought of.  I presumed it was too late, then, checked online and the office hours were until 6pm.  Well, if we were going to go, we needed to go asap.  We piled in the car and drove to the sales office.  For completely logical reasons, it was locked with a phone number on the front door indicating to call if you needed assistance.  The sister was certain she didn’t need to speak with them that badly and wanted to leave.  Being evidently the designated responsible adult, I called the number on the door and held the phone up for her to be an adult, even if it meant not the most responsible adult in the area.

The representative also lived out on the ranch and met up with us within about 10-15 minutes.  At that point we entered in and the Dogfather and I busied ourselves looking at maps and chiming in occasionally to help steer the conversation / help guide what sister was looking for.  After about 10 minutes of talking with Mr. Rep, he offered to take us on a tour of lots with a variety of pros and cons on each location; lots with power, hilly lots, close lots to main road to get a variety to see if we could hone in what sister actually wanted.  

First lot up, lot with underground power on location.  Not bad, flat, but power on location.  even though we were only 2 miles from the interstate, surprisingly quiet.  Next lot, farther back, no utilities but a lot of geographic interest, rocks and draws and oh my goodness lots of cactus.  That lot was quickly nixed.  Next….turned around flipped around and the sun was starting to go down, stopped at another lot that was very nice, had some rolling hills, pronghorn antelope (goats) were being dorky goats.  This lot had sister thinking of power or more isolated; we really wanted to employ social distancing.

We are now at the point where our guide says that he has one more lot he thinks would be a good fit but he hasn’t shown the lot to anyone yet and we follow him up to the lot and picture this…actually you don’t have to, here ya go:

We’re at the one of / the highest point of the ranch, the sun is setting, biggest lot of the evening at just shy of 55 acres (other lots ranged from 35-40 acres)  This lot number has significance to me, but going to keep the lot number to myself , we have beautiful rainbow sunset overlooking Casper Mountain…But I was hooked and wanted the focus to be on sister and I wasn’t dressed to be out in Wyoming spring sunset time.  Doesn’t matter that I’m always cold either right (insert major eye roll)  Sister and the Dogfather talk more about the lots we looked at and explained that if we were interested in any lot, we could put a deposit down to think about the lot and move on.
But there was a catch with the last lot of the day…It was a foreclosure so there were some additional hoops to jump through.  Shouldn’t be any issues but something to be aware of / could take longer.  We departed for the evening and on the short drive home we tried to talk through all the information with sister, pros / cons, what she could do and all options available.  By the time we got home from all the touring it was 8 pm and the finest dining of chicken nuggets was in order.  She was torn, she loved the last lot, beautiful scenic views with the cactus and yucca up on the peak, a prickly peak if you will but also appreciated the utility of power on site and could not decide which one was best.  
We acknowledge that it was two very different options and maybe she should sleep on it…and go to work the next day to earn money for her deposit maybe, hahaha.  She concurred and went to bed.  After a long day, we retreated to our bedroom.  One of the first things the Dogfather said was “you liked that last lot didn’t you” “Yeah…but you did too, didn’t you” “Maybe”

To be continued…
Bye all y’alls

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