Where to start…The Beginning I guess

Hey there all!

If you are reading this around the original publication date, welcome friends and family supporters.  If you stumbled on this in the future, thank you for coming.  If this is future Kate reflecting on the past, feel free to cringe and reminisce on everything that has changed over time.

As of this writing Hi!  My name is Kate and my Husband and I purchased about 55 acres of raw Wyoming High Prairie in spring of 2021 just north of Casper, WY.  We have our three Labrador retriever pups of Sequoia (12), Tikka (6) and Lady (1).  We are ultimate looking to develop this land into our forever home but I think a good place to start is in the beginning:

How we got Prickly Peak:

Over the course of late 2020 and early 2021, one of my sisters was looking to move to the Casper area and ideally wanted some acreage.  I kept on looking at land watch sites, Zillow, Trulia, and an assortment of other sites and resources.  We were looking, talking about good areas of town, not as good areas and the hubby, going to have to think of a better pseudonym for him, were talking of an area north of town that we had always written off.  While I am sure it will come out over time and locals to the area will know exactly where I am talking about, for a level of privacy, I’m not going to say exactly where it is.  

This Ranch is known for cheap acreage and from what you can see from the interstate you can see exactly why…It is alkali, sagebrush, flat, crappy prairie land…Who would want that.  From that “knowledge” we told her when she asked about it, “no, you don’t want alkali flat crap land” for a long time; and here is where the story truly starts.

Mid-March 2021, we learn of her imminent desire to solidify things more to move to Wyoming and the Dogfather and I discuss that maybe we should drive on the county road that runs through the ranch to prove what we know has to be true of the poopy flat lands.  On a Saturday afternoon, too windy to go play outside, too nice to just sit at home…If you’re from the Casper area you know what I mean.  We load up the puppers and decide to go for a drive.  We don’t even bother getting on the interstate with how close we live to the lands in question already and are joking about how we are clearly wasting our time.  Turn on the county road and for the first 3 miles we are confirming what we know.  It’s flat Wyoming high plains with prairie dogs, sage brush and the first shoots of spring starting to green things up.  While driving we can see some of the prickly pear cacti interspersed as well.  We keep driving and start heading more north and there’s some hills!  Topography! The road winds and we see some homes, some earth ships, standard homes, barndos, windmills and start thinking; okay, you know what, it definitely would take the right person but maybe there is something to this that we had always written off.

We report back to the sister and get thanks for our adventure.  We have another sister who is living with us at the time and she has also been in the market for a house / land herself and asks if I can take her out to see what we saw as well.  The next weekend, I drive her out and point out some of the lots that we had done research on to see what was available as potential points of interest.  Interest is peaked and she starts asking me questions that I don’t know the answer to.  At that point we talk about how to get those answers she will need to talk with the sales office.  But more importantly there is a test we have to run; somewhat literally…we need to see how much farther out of town this land is from work than where we currently live.  Net difference is about 5-10 minutes depending on where the lot of interest is.  

I think that this is good stopping point as to keep your interest on how the stars aligned and a mild cliff hanger along with not too much information to overload.  We’ll see how well I update this, I think a goal of a weekly update is in store and we’ll go from there.

 Bye all y’alls!

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