Are We Really Doing This???

Welcome back! More importantly thank you for continuing to read and want to live vicariously through our website. It’s been a lot of fun sharing our passion project with you and I hope that you continue to join us biweekly and I would love to get this out there more so people in major cities come to see what we love about Wyoming and the possibilities of self sufficiency.

To recap the last post, we learned that Sister decided that the Pancake Flats was the lot for her and therefore that left Prickly Peak that checked all of our boxes for us to pursue.  But can we do it by 10 am?  Calls were made and because we called just before 10 am…The lot that we’ve been looking for could be ours!

“Are you kidding me?  We can’t have that. What do we need to do to secure the lot so that we can proceed through the foreclosure noticing / process?”

After talking with the representative, we decided two things:  

1.        We wanted to keep our acquisition of the lot a secret from sister as long as we could as it’s a lot that she was interested in opposed to the lot she chose.  

The lot therefore was up for grabs and we did not feel one iota of guilt over pursuing this option.

2.       We needed to go in after the Dogfather got off of work and get paperwork to start things ASAP and to make it fair to the developer for not showing “our” lot to othersBut what do we tell Sister?  We don’t want to say we’re going to sign papers to get the lot for ourselves; so what do we do?  Obviously what any self-respecting adult would do-We lied. 
Since Sister lives with us, we knew that we needed a reason why we were rushing out and what started all of this?  Another Sister!  So we said we were going to talk with the developer about the electric power lot for original sister and get some more details.  This immediately prompts a visceral response in live in sister.“What?  But I want that lot…Holy crap…I’m making an adult decision…I wanna buy my own land” 
Based on that and the information we were able to glean earlier we let her know what she’ll need to do to start the purchase of Pancake Flats. 
“Okay, I can do that; are you guys going right after work because I still need a responsible-er adult there with me.”

Okay, ummmm yes, we are going right after work.  We ask if she wants to ride together (please no, please no, please no, or does she want to meet up with us there so she can sign and go hang out with her friends…It is a Saturday after all.  Thankfully Sister is persuaded to go with option 2.  I text the Dogfather…We need to haul @$$ after work to the main office because if we are going to keep this quiet because Sister is coming with us to put a deposit / start paperwork on her own lot under mythical threat of her lot being stolen from her, which we find intriguing and simultaneously funny as all heck.

So the Dogfather comes home, takes a quick shower and we head north.  We arrive and are promptly welcomed by Miss Cali, the adorable and immaculately trained Vizsla.  She is such a good pupper and I can’t help but play with her a little bit.  We go into the primary office and discuss our plans and let him know that we would like to proceed with getting our foreclosed lot.  We cover the logistics, that final paperwork has to be filed with the county, obtaining cashier check for the down payment, and there is one other “major” issue with our lot as it is a foreclosure, but we’ll cover it in a minute as we know Sister is approaching and we won’t be able to get everything done before she shows up.  Remember, we don’t want to tell her that we are going to get the other lot she wants.

Sister shows up and we walk through the paper work with her and sales associate.  Everything is really straightforward and matter of fact.  In addition to the down payment though is something that is understandable and simultaneously kinda crazy.  We’ll have to pay the pro-rated HOA fees for the year.  

HOA?!?  On acreage?!?  Are you kidding me, that’s crazy-but not as crazy as you might think as this is one of the loosest HOA’s I’ve ever seen and read about.  First of all, the rate was only $300 for the year.  Secondly, the bulk of those fees go to helping maintain the roads.  Finally, the HOA exists essentially to prevent lands from turning into giant junkyards.  Therefore basically, keep your land clean, don’t destroy the natural landscape too much and mind your own business.  This level of HOA-y-ness we decided we could handle.

As Sister is signing paperwork, we all start shooting the breeze about some of the neighbors that we’ll have and the type of community they are trying to develop.  There’s a lot of military, retired military, first responders, blue collar and hands on personnel.  After all, on some of the lots, as the lots we both chose are actually some of the more accessible lots, and a major factor why we selected our specific lots, there are some on the ranch that it could take you an hour to get to town and you need good neighbors that can help you in case of emergency.  We regale stories of our pasts and learn that the sales associate is one of a very select few people in the country who are registered to have an eagle as a pet-That is flippin’ cool I don’t care who you are.

Once Sister finishes signing her paperwork, we tactfully are able to get her to leave and go party.  Now we are able to get to the nitty gritty.  It may have been more than a minute in reading time so my apologies for inadvertently lying to you, but I’m not going to edit it to make you feel better.  As our lot is a foreclosure, it comes with some…um….extra baggage.  There is a pile of old garbage, broken vehicles, a shed and trailer filled to the brim with garbage and other items that we would later find out we needed to call authorities on.  The land company indicates that it might take some time to deal with those extras as well but we negotiate a deal with them.  Essentially, for a reduced rate we’ll clean up and take care of all of the abandoned property / garbage on the land.

It’s a win-win all around as we can tell from some of the items left there is definitely some value there but there is also a LOT of garbage to clean up.  At the end of the day, we sign our paperwork and are told once all of paperwork with the county clears, we’ll get the final paperwork from the land company and the land will formally be ours!  The following Tuesday, both sister and us receive paperwork from the Land Company…We are ecstatic!!!  It literally must have been in the last stages of the foreclosure for the paperwork to process that fast we get our Cashiers’ check processed, sign all our paperwork and less than a week from the day we didn’t know we needed our land…It was ours.  Paperwork was signed and notarized, we had signatures from the land company on our copies it was done.

We then got in to touch with Local and County police and sheriffs along with local attorneys to make sure we were legally handling the abandoned property correctly.  We got all of our ducks in a row, reached out to figure out how to handle the abandoned vehicles, true garbage and what was garbage to us.  From our research we knew we needed to wait if I remember correctly depending on the abandon property of interest between 5 days and 1 month from our legal possession before we could do anything.

Then one week after we found the land of our dreams, the land that we have been looking for, for about ten years, the land that we had signed paperwork on, we received a voicemail.  The land company had not filed the paperwork for the foreclosure correctly and they had to re-notice everyone.  We were devastated as we had the paperwork, we signed it, they had signed it, and we started our dream planning of our future together, water wells, solar roof tiles, shops, homes.  Unfortunately, people are fallible, mistakes are made, and we saw Prickly Peak fall into limbo and there was nothing we could do about it.

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