Lord Give Me Patience and Give It NOW!

How quickly we can go from ambivalence, to finding that which we never knew we needed to not being able to envision your future without it.  In the previous entry, we met with the land department and discussed all of the formalities of trying to purchase our foreclosure land.  We were under the impression that once we received the contracts and documentation to sign, send in the down payment and the lot was ours effective the signing date…And that is typically true and exactly how it works.  In this instance though, they thought they had all the metaphorical ducks in a row…But upon processing the returned contracts we all discovered that it was not true.  That everyone associated with the lot in question needed to be noticed and appropriate times now had to elapse again. 

We had three weeks of limbo, three weeks of uncertainty, three of the longest weeks ever until new contracts could be sent out and processed for our purchase.  Over those three weeks we were absorbed, delving deep into legal codes, statutes, by-laws and anything that would help us defend our land that we had developed in our minds. 





Two and a half weeks pass and we get the good news: There was no response.  The title paperwork was being transferred and new contracts were being sent out for us to sign so that we could finally be owners of our 55 acres of land, our precious land of dreams and where we intend to build our dream and final home.

Yes; I am totally reminiscing and tearing up reliving those emotions of last April and the roller coaster that it was.  From living a normal life to realizing that we found exactly what we’ve been looking for to getting what we were ecstatic for to having all the dreams, everything we had built up over ten years, ripped away.  There was a lot of crying on my part; a lot of ugly crying, so much so I think I actually got waterproof mascara.  I think the hardest part for me personally was I am very much the kind of person where if you want something-go, do it, do what you need in order to achieve the goal set you are looking for.

This was totally out of my control.

The Dogfather on the other hand was irritated and angry.  WE had done everything right, WE had jumped through all the legal hoops, and now there was nothing that WE could do about it.

April 28th could not come soon enough and at the end of the business day on April 28th, a Wednesday, we came home, loaded up the puppies and headed out to OUR LAND.  We could not be happier…

That is until we not only reveled in our land, our rolling hills, our future but our garbage pile, our enclosed trailer with flat tires, our broken down ATV’s, our obnoxiously bright shed with who knows what in it.  We knew that per abandon property statutes in Wyoming and discussions with the County Sheriff for the items in the trailer and shed that we could do whatever we wanted with it immediately as it had been there and untouched for longer than required by law to hold onto it, but we decided to wait the obligatory waiting period.  That being said, we decided it would be in our best interest to photograph what were are dealing with and if there was anything we needed to address, like if it was abandoned up here for a specific reason and needing to call the authorities.

Oh my lawd, what a complete disaster.  In the enclosed trailer there was a blend of old generators, solidified cement bags, paint, old gas cans, broken ice auger and what we will refer to as Señor Smelly, inside the shed, there were some old tools, bow, target, canoe, VHS’s, craft supplies and a lot of junk.  Out just on the land itself there was piles of decaying pallets, plywood, barbed wire, rugs, clothing, towels, sinks, rotted fence posts, assorted bottles, cans, broken glass and just tons of junk.  We figure that we can start with the junk that is clearly not associated with any of the private property and go on from there.

The most important first step though:  Call Wyoming Game and Fish to report that we found an antelope head and cape in the trailer.  That is not something that we want to be tied to or associated with in anyway shape or form.  We call the next morning as we discovered Señor Smelly after standard working hours and explain what has happened / what’s going on.  Definitely is one of the more interesting calls that their main office line has taken in a while and they take our number and indicate that the local game warden will call to try and meet up with us in the near future.  We get a call and asked to meet up with him on that Friday afternoon.  With that we figure as long as the weather holds we can bring up our side by side trailer and maybe load up a trailer full of garbage to take to the dump. 

If you are not from Wyoming or the mountain west please allow me to explain myself.  If you are to look at weather projections for the end of April for central Wyoming, I’m going to guess that they will tell you that it is probably mostly sunny, maybe in the low 60’s for the high, but we are still definitely freezing at night as we can’t plant anything outside until end of May-ish.  Now imagine if you will the general expectations that you might have of a toddler, let’s say 3ish.  You know how they behave most of the time and most of the time they’ll operate within a range of expected.  You know that the grapes have to be peeled, you need original teddy not new teddy and that you can’t have macaroni n’ cheese, you can only have yellow swirly noodles.  Well Wyoming is the toddler that even though you cut the sandwich in half, you cut the sandwich in half wrong and the rapture surely has begun. 

Fortunately for us, we cut the sandwich the right way that day and using the saved utility bills which permit one truck / trailer load of junk to be taken to the local landfill per bill, we started loading up the trailer.  After a lot of stupid comments, laughter and wondering how long out lot was used as a garbage burn pile we had a load ready to go.  We reach out to the game warden and he lets us know that he’s busy today and asks if we can met up on Sunday as it sounds like we were a low priority case.  Not a problem. 

We meet up with the Game Warden and open the back door of the trailer where Señor Smelly was front and center ready to greet our humble guest to the Peak.  He asks us some questions about how we came in possession, if we knew who all this abandoned property was, etc.  After shooting the breeze for a little bit, we receive a carbon copy “ticket” for lack of a better term indicating that the head & cape were taken into the possession of Wyoming Game and Fish and that was that. 

Over the course of the next week though, we got ahold of every utility bill we had which had a landfill pass on it and became on a first name basis with the regional landfill check in staff.  We would go up after work, load up a truck bed and trailer full and rush to dump if we could, if not due to summer hours starting to take effect we would load everything up and the next day we would drive up, switch vehicles and then visit the landfill, go back to the Peak and load up another load for the next day.  9 truck and trailer loads later, we learned that the enclosed trailer tires were not flat but were compressed under the thousands of pounds of in bag solidified concrete and had our land finally clean.

It was a lot of work but so satisfying and the physical labor didn’t even feel like work.  We both enjoyed taking care of our land and preparing it for whatever we decided to do next.

Bye All Y’alls! Comment below on what you would like to hear or learn about next and I’ll write about it for your entertainment!

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