Bad Things Can Happen…

Hey there and From my current perspective Good Morning!

I wanted to interject a little post here about how sometimes life sucks. Right now it is February 3, 2022 and I finally made it in to work. Taking a short break to write this right now and I’m hoping if I acknowledge this, I’ll then be able to return to being a productive member of society. This morning was POOPY*

*I would have loved to use a stronger word on this post but we are really trying to keep it PG

Anyways, the morning starts off normal, wake up, eighteen below zero, you know winter in Wyoming, probably will be thirty something by end of day today (twenty-four is projected high) so I went to start my car early so it would be warm for me. We had taken in adorable Lady puppy to be spayed yesterday so I was packing up some stuff since we are not a pet friendly office in the respect that we can bring in our dogs all the time, but pet friendly in the respect that, if you need to have your pupper with you for a little, they can come “visit” so I packed up a bed and toys for her to stay occupied in my office for later today. Get out to the car, toys fall under the car….ugggghhhh, but at least we have options to keep her entertained and a workplace that is probably more pet friendly than child friendly, hahaha

Get everything in the car, car on, ready to go to work, really low tire pressure. Uggghhhh, go turn on air compressor and try to find the hose and adaptor for airing up car tires….I cannot find it. I give up and go get the key for our truck… which is a diesel…which I know will take time to preheat, but I don’t want to waste time on trying to air up a really low tire I’m not comfortable driving on and grateful that I do have another option. Get the key, try to remote start it, nothing….Get in the truck, try to start it, nothing, sit for a while, nothing.

At this point I’ve been trying to leave the house for 30 minutes, and in ill-advised frustration decide I have to get to work, I’ll drive cautiously as it’s a low tire, but not flat, just a lot lower than I’d like. The other tires were three to five psi lower than usual-this one tire was twelve lower than ideal. There’s a Loaf N Jug close to the house that I can make it to and figure to make up time, that’s my now best option. Get in the car and within five minutes, I’m there, serpentining around a Pepsi truck unloading, (Hi Uncle Bill! Love you and miss you) to get to the air fill up. Most air spaces in Wyoming are free from where I have stopped and noticed, but I grab a dollar in quarters as some do charge you know the quarter, maybe fifty cents.

They wanted $2-At this point I am in major f it all mood, feed it the $2 and air up my tire. Try and think if this is the worst thing that I have to deal with today though I’ll be grateful and also glad that I know enough compared to some others I know to work a solution out. SO Back on my way, hop onto I-25 and start thinking…I tried to start the diesel truck. It’s been able to start / turn over / turn on w/o the key fob in before, I have to go back to the house and make sure that the truck isn’t running and drain the diesel dry and ruin the engine. I’m probably two-thirds of the way into work, turn around to make sure the truck is not running. IF I don’t check, this could be a costly mistake, I just remember the lesson I received about this this past summer when we coasted in on fumes to a gas station with our truck in the summer 2021-glad I remembered it.

It’s not running, but it is still trying to start. SO after another five minutes of working with it, finally am able to convince it that it does not have to start today and an hour and a half after starting to try and leave for work, I am able to get to my job.

It’s a crappy day when you look at it that way. But I also think that I may have tricked you…


I primed you to read everything above by saying that bad things can happen, but re-read the above, and look for the bright side…

Toys, might have fallen out, but we have the ability to spoil our dogs and a flexible workplace

One car might not have started, but we had another option

I might have had to fight for a spot at the gas station, but on a morning that things are going awry, maybe the spirit of my Uncle Bill, who for his career drove a Pepsi truck and adored his nieces was looking out for me

The gas station wanted money for the air-which we have.

I was able to recall a piece of important information

I have a flexible job and was able to get to my job which I am lucky to have and really do love.

Now this is not meant to be a everything is perfect and make the best out of a bad situation-This morning SUCKED! But it could have sucked a lot more and I am grateful for what I have and the situation that have prepared me to handle and address these situations.

I promise we’ll get back to way more fun topics, but now I gotta go pick up a sore puppy from the vet!

Bye All Y’alls!

Update on the day…picked up Lady and she had no desire to rest or be a calm pupper. After about two hours, she decided mom is really boring and is now napping

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