And the Stars Aligned…Again

Hey there everyone again!  SO first of all I want to thank you for taking the time to check this out and read our entries and stories about our land.  I never could imagine that just telling our stories about our future could literally reach the ends of the earth.  We have had people reading from Australia to South Korea, Argentina to Ireland and Germany.  Therefore, thank you so much!  With your help and sharing these we hopefully will be able to generate more content about our off grid development and adventures!

Now let’s cut to the metaphorical chase. 

So if you remember back in the stories of We had to help adult & And The Stars Aligned

We visited Prickly Peak on April 3rd, signed initial paperwork on April 4th and signed our first set of paperwork on April 7th.  This story relies heavily on the Dogfather so some back story on him is needed.  Dogfather is essentially a master welder and a big kid at heart.  He is completely amazing (fawning wife moment) and he as long as he has the resources he needs can literally do anything that requires hand on skills.  As such, he also has a penchant rivaled by one of our great nephews (yes GREAT, check out our about page for more info / I am a huge WTF…I’m pregnant?!?! Child).  The wrestling prodigy that he is knows all his heavy equipment better than 90% of the population.  Anyways, the Dogfather often checks out auction websites for heavy machinery, trying often to talk me into unnecessary pieces of equipment because….how much fun would it be to have a D10 to help with our current home sitting on 0.2 acres of land.

This brings us to April 5th, 2021 at the Dogfather’s work.  Being a blue collar facility there are a lot of very adept persons…and several less desirable persons, but in passing conversation, Dogfather mentions that we are in the process and just waiting on final paperwork to buy fifty-five acres of land.  His direct supervisor is really intrigued and excited about these prospects for he owns 10 acres of land in the general direction that our land is and they are pretty good friends / colleagues.  The interesting thing is that Dogfather’s supervisor indicates that he just learned of a friend who was trying to sell his father’s gooseneck trailer and…wait for it…a backhoe…

Really?  A backhoe for sale???  In the mind of the Dogfather this is something that we had to get, after all in the very near future, we are about to become acreage owners and we need something to work the land.  I am very apprehensive and tell the Dogfather that we will talk about it when we come home from work for the day. 

Now when we get home, the Dogfather is drained from a day of work, trying to solve problems and taking on undue mental burdens due to his strong work ethic and the workers in his area underperforming to his standards and then I ask what is up with this backhoe he found…He lights up as if talking about his new best friend and everything that we need the backhoe for.  On the surface level, I don’t disagree it would be nice to have, but in the same vein, I’m going to need some more persuasion.

Okay, okay, okay, okay (sung in the Encanto song tempo of the introduction song).  By purchasing the backhoe, we will be able to do almost all of the dirt work ourselves and not have to pay to contract it out.  This includes but is not limited to, digging foundations, leach fields and spot for septic system, leveling out ground for construction, general land maintenance and functionality for after we are done building as well.

I concede as it is something that would be valuable to have for the development of the Peak, but that we need to figure out how the financials of the situation would work and that we can’t put ourselves into a situation that is more irresponsible than buying fifty-five acres of land and now a backhoe on a whim dictated by the karma gods already is.  We concur and figure that the first step to seeing if this is feasible on paper and ultimately…it is, but I’m still hesitant.  We need to go and visit it to kick the tires literally and proverbially. I coordinate with the owner of the backhoe and plan to meet up with them on the coming Saturday, just shoot a text as we are leaving town to give about a 30 minutes heads up.

Perfect, this means that we are taking steps to pursue our dreams and we also have an additional adventure to go on over the weekend as someone…cough cough, Dogfather, is the kind of person who doesn’t sit still well.  Friday comes and we get the horrible news and we muster up all of our courage and optimism and make the 30 minute drive to check out the backhoe.  We arrive and we see a bunch of people and we just feel eyes on us as we pull up.  We had Tikka and Lady with us as it wasn’t worth the fight to get them to stay in the house and at the time, Lady was an adorkable 6 months old.  We check to see if we can let our dogs out and I have to admit that once we confirm they can, the kids there and I play and watch puppies while the grown-ups talk about the important things. 

After a while I load the puppies up as the Dogfather has beckoned me over to garner my opinion and we essentially leave with a handshake agreement that we will purchase the backhoe and letting him know that we might need a little time to work through getting the funds for him and that we would like to wait with his permission until April 28th as our land was in limbo, a change from previously discussed timelines.  They indicate that’s not an issue at all as they have been trying to sell the equipment for well over a year, another 3 weeks is nothing.  We are grateful and part ways.

On our way back into town, we decide to stop at Murdoch’s to get the needed gooseneck ball for the trailer since while we had one for a previous truck, we needed one for our current set up.  We pull off of the I-25 and pull into the parking lot, first thing we think of is that they are busy today!  Paling lot on a normal weekend day is maybe a quarter full, no more than half for sure…Nearly every parking spot is taken, we think that it must be due to chicks being available, I think there was a track meet in town so a bunch of out of towners stocking up on supplies while in town, happens all the time.  We get out and leash up puppers since it’s a dog friendly store, one of their favorites as they’ll get a free pig ear when we check out. 

Once we enter, we are greeting by staff…That never happens…and a bucket.  It was the day for their bucket sale…Buy a bucket and anything that fits inside the bucket was I think if I remember correctly 25% off, anything else in the store is 10% off.  Awesome!  We came on the right day, but no way the hitch will; oh my gosh, the hitch fits in the bucket with maybe an eighth of an inch clearance on each side, this has gotta be meant for us.  We laugh about how many more things are going to line up perfectly and go to check out…after being irresponsible and buying funky flavor popcorn, it’s a quirk we have; our favorite on travels, Cake Batter from a store in Utah.  We make sure to get the puppies treats and bag them up on the way home.

Because we are super fancy people and we should get a sponsorship with how often we get this / talking about it, we swing by Taco Bell for dinner because they have a drive through and that is the default I don’t wanna cook restaurant; we’ll occasionally mix it up with McDonalds but you HAVE to eat the fries once you take possession as after 3 minutes they are horrible.  But anyways, we get home and enjoy the rest of our evening, completely stunned at the circumstances surrounding the afternoon.  Soon after, we get a message I think confirming our interest as after over a year of no interest, the gentlemen selling the backhoe right after we left evidently had multiple people contact him expressing their interest.  If we were an hour later, we would not have a backhoe now.

Now with any piece of equipment or vehicle, there are some names that just seem to fit and that you refer to it as.  For example, for a while, we had a blue Jetta Sports wagon.  Compared the two trucks we had at the time it was little…and blue, so it was christened Little Blue.  Another point in time, we had a Power Wagon…well if you were to compare the Toyota Tacoma in body style (2015 version) to the Power Wagon, it is similar and it was dubbed the Power Taco.  Other vehicles and a boat named the Butt thanks to a certain Pixar film came and we obviously wanted to come up with a name for the Backhoe…A Caterpillar 416C.  We still to this date refer to the backhoe and backhoe, but we do have a name for it; specifically for when it acts up. 

For any piece of equipment called colloquially as a CAT, we just had to be able to call it that B!%@#, Carol Baskin. Comment below if you liked this post and what you would like to see or learn about next, your idea could be our next post!

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