Apples and Automobiles

Hey there everyone!  We have what I think is a sentimental post today for you all inspired by conversations with my parents, my Father in particular and our latest installment  From the very beginning of our crazy adventures with the Prickly Peak, my father has often reminisced and we’ve gotten to hear some stories of when he was a younger lad and how he lived in the same lifestyle that we are looking forward to getting to someday.  I think that he is in a way reliving his youth by learning about our plans and intentions and it brings me so much joy and happiness to see this.  Therefore without further ado here is my favorite story that I know by heart:

This one is one of the few stories that I know personally and remember by heart.  After my dad’s mom passed away we eventually got some boxes of old photos, letters, trinkets etc.  I was around ten to twelve years old at the time we go this and came across a letter that was sent to my grandparents / Dad’s parents.  I don’t remember the year exactly but from what I can remember about the letter, I think my Dad was about my age of ten to twelve years as well, probably part of the reason I remember this story in particular so vividly.  For reference and simplicity the year is going to be around 1946-ish, my dad is a Junior, sharing the same name of his dad and my grandpa so he’ll be Senior and I know that he called his mother Ma.

In the early to mid 40’s automobiles are just becoming more and more prevalent, World War II is ending and they live in a small town in south Central Michigan called Spring Arbor.  At this time, Junior is the second oldest of 5 children and the oldest son.  Now, Uncle is literally the mayor of the neighboring large city of Jackson and the family is really well known and respected.  One day however, and I acknowledge I don’t know whether it was sent via post or if it was sent home with Junior.  But I do know what the letter said and I am going to paraphrase a little bit:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Junior,

I am writing to inform you of some less than admirable actions I witnessed your son contributing to after school on whatever day in the fall (and you’ll be able be able to see why we know fall in 3…2…1…)  I saw Junior and a bunch of his friends shoving apples up the exhaust pipes of teacher’s cars.  I know that you will attend to this behavior in a timely and orderly fashion. 


Teacher of school

Holy Crap, you can only imagine the glee in finding out that you have in your possession a letter showing you that your dad was naughty!  I went to him and asked for a few details and he denied the letter saying that they were all lies.  But I have the letter right here!!! 

A few years pass and I’m now an adult, but I still have the letter committed to memory, it’s just like the time where he taught me how to play chess and I never could beat him, but that one faithful day at Detroit Lake State Park I beat him and he refused to play with me ever again, because “You beat me, now you have to find better competition” Still resent that a little bit.  Anyways, I bring this incident up in conversation again with my siblings around and with the power of numbers, we get more of the story and how it can be all lies or nonexistent, we have the letter and want details. 

We finally get the clarification that the letter does exist and that Ma got it first and read it.  Her response is that they would wait and decide that Senior would have a say in this.  Now Senior was in the big city for something as they ran a road side cabin / motel and garage living right on M-60 and evidently Junior lived in fear for the rest of the day that day.  We never really got to hear what happened but, he learned his lesson. 

Cries abound from us then regarding the lies of the letter and what the lack of truth was about it.  Junior very matter of fact states there are two huge problems with the letter and are the crux of the lies:

  1. He did NOT participate in the placing of produce in exhaust pipes, but rather was providing input on the best ways to do it.
  2. They weren’t apples, they were potatoes as potatoes are obviously more dense and would be harder to remove than apples

We bust up laughing and I will never forget that story.

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