Upgrading the Homeless Shelter…

Close your eyes; WAIT!  That’s not a good idea when we want you to read, um…Read on for a little bit and then close your eyes, NOT YET! To visualize your current home.  Think about your kitchen, bathroom /s, living room, etc.  Is your home perfect?  I didn’t think so. Neither is ours…Here is what we currently have going at our home currently, what we like about our current home and what we most definitely WILL be changing.

So first things first: We are two people and we average two dogs in our home.  We do currently have three dogs as morbid as it sounds, we want to have an established bond / friendship between Lady and Tikka for when the time comes for our oldest twelve and a half year old girl who is loving to thwart death; seriously…in the last three years she has tempted fate for the last three years between pancreatitis, snake bite, probably rattlesnake, and a vicious spider bite.  But as she has survived these we are now equally confident that the old girl probably has another decade in her!

With a home that is planning on having dogs for a long, long time, we want to have it be a dog friendly home.  One of the things that anyone who I think any dog does is that they will get the zoomies.  Zoomies are the best in the respect that you can’t help but smile and laugh at your puppy and want to play with them.  In our current home we have hardwood and carpet.  With the dogs, the hardwood floor is definitely well loved but well maintained and the carpet…well that in one spot in particular has fallen prey as the zoomie turn around spot.  Therefore in future home it is our intention to have a finished concrete floor, no hardwood to scratch, no carpet to tear up, nothing that can dent.  We are aware that concrete can be finicky and definitely can have its downsides but for us, the easier clean up and hardiness greatly outweigh the cons.

Some of the other dog friendly features we are considering is a literal dog room for them to stay in when we leave the house so that they don’t have access to the entire house while we’re gone and a dog door that has one of those chips where the door goes up with the puck gets close enough to the door.  This one is a little safety based as critters that we do not want to come in could come in a normal dog door.  We also are thinking about making a dog washing station so we don’t have to give them baths in our shower.  But as we are at the earliest 2 years out from building, we have a lot more time for ideas and demands to be made by our girls.

So while we are a family of two plus dogs, we have only ever had our current home to ourselves for maybe a year really by ourselves.  We will have been in our current home for ten years this fall.  How is this possible?  Because we have been a rotating homeless shelter and we mean this in the capacity that we are lucky enough to be in a situation to be able to help our families out in times of need.  Whether it be looking for new career opportunities, going to school, needing somewhere to live until life details are figured out, needing a place to be safe or waiting for a new home to be finished, we have hosted people long term in our home I think eight times. 

We have a very comfortable and nice sized home…for two people with an occasional guest/s.  We have a three bedroom, two bath home, around 1650 sqft finished and another 900 of unfinished and it’s a quad-level home so it’s actually quite broken up.  It has 650 sqft of garden level basement that we have as the never use / Christmas decoration / gym, a “bonus room” that is our dog run access room with food & water for them and is the location for the Dogfather specific affects.  In other words, if it belongs to the Dogfather and it doesn’t get put away, it gets thrown in the bonus room.  We then have a vaulted huge great room / dining / kitchen area and the top floors had the three bedrooms and the two bathrooms including our master with ensuite. 

Now with our penchant to house family long term we definitely want to upgrade our facilities not only for our guests that might be staying short term but also take care of those who might need long term care.  We want to build in future home a little one bedroom apartment complete with private entry, bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchenette. 

What else will I want to change?  So from this point on, the Dogfather will be content with not much, but I have a laundry list of “demands”, after all, if this home we are building is going to be our last home, I’ll be danged if I don’t get exact what I think I want. 

Master Bathroom, this is our most contested room in our home I feel like and the room that I want to change the most about.  I think some of this would be solved by greater square footage as we are just not small people.  We are both over six feet tall and it’s a fairly narrow bathroom over all.  So item number one, we gotta double or maybe even triple the size of the master bathroom.  Next major change that we “need” is a tub that we can fit in.  In our current bathroom we have a shower but no bathtub.  I miss having a tub and there have been numerous occasions that the Dogfather crouches in the shower to soothe away the day so a bathtub that will house tall people is needed.  We actually have a pretty good sized shower but we would like a little bit bigger shower and we both want a bench in the shower as this is our last house and we want a bench to accommodate old age and I want a bench to put my leg up on to shave my legs better so as not to offer my life in a blood sacrifice to the shaving gods.  We also have discussed that we want a shower that is a walk in / walk through / walk around-Essentially, we don’t want to have a shower door or curtain.  The other simple demand that the Dogfather especially has is rain shower head.  I actually don’t really care for the rain shower head as I only wash my hair one to two times a week and the rain shower is not keep hair dry friendly. 

The final master bath demand is another one for the Dogfather is a water closet with charging station.  Now I was raised as an only child essentially and even so am one of four girls.  The only male experiences I have involving bathrooms is my father and the Dogfather.  What I can’t understand is why / how the XY chromosome crowd takes up to an hour to drop some kids off at the metaphorical pool.  If you can explain this to me, comment below. 

Moving on to the rest of the master suite we want is a much larger closet with attached laundry room.  We have a unique set up for our closet / bedroom that was established in the ye olde days of yore when Dogfather worked night shift and I worked normal hours.  Therefore I took over the closet which is attached to the bathroom so when he had just gotten to sleep, my actions wouldn’t wake him and then he took over all of the drawers and dressers.  Now this arrangement works out fine as I have clothes to hang up and he doesn’t.  But regardless, more room is always better to reduce clutter by having a place for everything.  Also, by having a bigger closet, we will be able to free up space in our bedroom to make a more luxurious experience. 

We currently also have 2 guest rooms; one of which doubles as our home office.  Now for most of the human population this would be more than adequate, but when we have visitors, WE HAVE VISITORS.  We typically have a need for probably four guest bedrooms.  Literally for Christmas 2020 when asked what I wanted, I indicated blow up mattresses and bedding so when we have guests we aren’t throwing them on the couch (even though our couch is super nap friendly and dog perch approved.  ) Therefore we intend to have three additional guest bedrooms / multipurpose rooms.  Our current bedrooms are very standard secondary bedroom size so a little tight to multitask.  We’ll have guest bedrooms that are size wise probably about the same size as our master but will serve a dual purpose, bedroom & office, bedroom & gym, and probably one just bedroom.  We’ll have a bathroom to serve these rooms obviously too.

The Dogfather’s current room of our bonus room / dog room also needs a bigger / more space to organize room as well and I will not deny this to him.  Without getting into too many details, we are proud supporter and 2nd amendment enthusiasts and we do hunt to supply meat for ourselves also.  We also enjoy long range shooting to hone in our skills to be able to be the most humane we can when the time comes.  Therefore we want to make a dedicated safe room to be the most responsible that we can be in this regard. 

Now the other big area that I am heavily invested in:  The Great Room.  We actually have a very nice space right now and when it really is just the two of us its perfect sized.  But let’s say we were to host a party with all of our family, both sides we could have upwards of forty six people.  This basically ONLY encompasses parents, siblings, nieces and nephews.  Seriously, we are helping the world by only having puppies, our families have done well in the procreation department, hahaha.  But any kind of family gathering we easily have fifteen people in our home so I “need” a bigger kitchen.  My “needs” include a huge island, maybe even two-one for prep and one for serving, cabinets galore for storage so we can have clean counter tops and a walk in pantry. 

Something that we’ve discussed is that we want in the kitchen appliance wise is your standard fridge and stove top, but we definitely want a microwave convention oven combo since we use our oven but not too much.  The other part that has us on the road we are currently is we want a wood burning oven.  We just think it would be the absolute coolest thing to be able to have and use in the winter as an additional heat source and use it to cook in just like our ancestors did when they first moved here from Ireland and Germany (our predominant heritages).  We would invest in an outdoor kitchen of sorts for spring / summer / fall but have the wood burning to help in winter along with the radiant heat floors we are intending to combine with our concrete floors. 

Other miscellaneous ideas / topics include that this will all be on a ranch styled home as we are planning on this being our last home so for mobility purposes we don’t want any stairs and for the same reasons wider door ways for if the day comes and wheelchairs are needed.  We don’t do dining rooms which is why maybe we’ll double island it and eventually we’ll have a huge shop for storage.  We both like the idea of trying to design a passive house since we’re going to be off grid and really like a shed style rook line with just a wall of windows on our southern exposure to highlight the mountains. 

So…what are we missing?  Let us know either by commenting below or by clinking the link to Questioning our sanity.

Bye All Y’alls!

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