Photo Blog of Sprinter??? Winring???

Hey there everyone and hope you are doing well! Woke up this morning to the standard wake up call on the weekends of famished and completely malnourished puppies letting me know the volumes of their affection by reminding me that breakfast is now officially late at 6:01 am.

Being a type A and overly ambitiously person thinking that this blog is clearly a priority for the world which revolves it (heavy sarcasm) Checked to make sure all the social media posts looked good and that I didn’t inadvertently have the spelling capacity of a certain coffee chain’s employees.

But nothing was there…I have my next five post ready to go and scheduled…there has to have been a glitch, but then I remembered…Next Weekend is the Central Wyoming Home Show and I had been reaching out to the event coordinators for weeks trying to have insight for a post a week before the event…They never got back to me. I never had a post scheduled for today…Oops…

Last week before we went to the vet for the second dose of rattlesnake vaccinations I wanted to try and take some photos of how spring was starting to show its way into life, invigorating our plans and intentions of starting to fence our land to keep the free range cattle out.

The snow was mostly melted other than a few drifted pockets here and there. some highlights of green are poking their way through the straw yellow of the end of summer and seeds have spread their way through the land simply awaiting the warmth of true spring to shine through

The evergreen presence of the yucca however does not mean that winter is coming to it’s end but rather adding it’s presence to the name sake Prickly for the Prickly Peak.

We in the greatest level of sincerity want to ensure that the landscape of our high plains sanctuary remain as pristine as possible.

Remnants of lichen simply trying to flourish in this harsh climate

Other types of the lichen and growths that we have up on the Prickly Peak

In this we have the very early growths of sagebrush by my thumbnail. I can’t wait to be able to be out at the peak full time as the scent of the fresh sage is simply intoxicating and smells so amazing.

So many great memories are triggered by this scent of spending time out in the wilds of Wyoming, hiking, hunting and being miles away from any other soul.

Once breakfast was consumed, the girls were booty-ed up in their new shoes (they are not snow friendly, copious wipe outs were witnessed) we headed out and they were ecstatic

Panorama of the area that we think our home will sit some day

Needless to say, there will be more than 6 more weeks of winter and that rodent in Pennsylvania lies, but that is also nothing new. The sagebrush is still working hard and still smells as fantastic as a week earlier

We put the boots on the girls for the primary name sake of the peak of the Prickly Pear Cactus that is obscured by the layer of snow that has come to water our lands to prepare for spring planting

One of the other reasons why we genuinely like to go out in in climate weather is to get a lay of the land with snow and learn where drifting is going to occur. This will impact where we want to install roads, driveways, doors, etc.

They love running and exploring…and eating cow poop and “prairie berries”

It seems regardless of how often we walk around and try to clean the land, there is always more barbed wire, rusty cans and bottles that we have to try and make sure and clean up. The photos in the block are representative more of the views from the northern section and far eastern side of the land that has a beautiful purple haze to navy and eventually the blackness of night.

Spring is coming, we just have to fight through winter to get there

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