How I Met your Dogfather…

I think that I am getting a feel for what our readers are looking for and out best performing posts are about us.  Therefore without further ado, here’s how the Dogfather and I met, circumstances and details about us and how we became what we are today. 

Its spring of 2011 and I was living and working in Riverton, WY running an environmental laboratory.  I was working on some sampled on the lab floor and speaking with a coworker about needed and wanting to get my hair cut.  As a local who had grown up in Riverton, she recommended a salon and I heeded her advice and went to get my hair cut and that one would change my life.  I don’t even remember the name of the salon off of Federal Blvd, nor do I think it exists anymore.  I went in and depending on your personality, you likely either thrive or loath the conversation that is expected to occur and maintain during a woman’s haircut.   

His Profile photo

After exchanging the basic pleasantries and explanation of what I wanted, basic cut of total length of roughly 3” of length, restyle the long layers that has been my go to style for years we go, get my hair washed to cut.  Post hair wash, I should have recognized the fear of the statement that “I don’t think I’ve ever cut the hair of someone who has as much hair as you do”.  But I blew it off, every time I’ve gone somewhere new I always get comments on how much hair I have as I have a lot of long hair, long, thick, coarse hair so I didn’t think anything of it.  She cuts the requested 3” of hair off the total length and starts working in the layers.  We talk about life, where I work, family, if I had any significant others at which I said I did not, was looking but in a town the size of Riverton, options were limited and I was not willing to pay for an online dating service.  If it was meant to work out in my opinion, it would work out. 

Then the stylist as she was trying to even up my layers asked which sites I was using?  OkCupid was one of them and there was a second that I don’t remember at this point, I’ve slept in the last 11 years.  She indicated that she knew a lot of her friends were using Plenty of Fish.  Okay…I’ll look into that and see what we got there.  After talking more and the stylist trying to even up my layers the 3” of total length turned into 8” and I could barely get my hair up into a pony tail anymore.  She asked the obligatory question of how I liked it, promptly lied to get out of there and had some oh my god moments thinking that I have to get something good out of this.

As it’s a Friday evening, I head over to Bar 10 as it is the only smoke free bar in town to people watch and be told how tall I am frequently, my all-time record in an evening was twenty seven times in one evening and eight times by a single person.  I am fortunate enough to know the owner and he knows me well enough that he knows that if someone needs help getting home I can help out, remember-small town, so in return, I get free sodas, win win deal.  I get to people watch and enjoy a night out and I think I only helped people get home 3 times in the 2 years I was a patron there.  After the night drew to a close, I check out the website recommended by the hair butcher and turns out that her information on that subject was good and valid.  There were a lot more profiles of interest on the plenty of fish website compared to the others. 

1st photo together

I create a profile, send out messages to see if I can obtain a coherent response and over a few months, do have some success messaging but never anything of substance. 

I think you know where I am going next…

One night after visiting Bar 10 end of June, I come home and send out my messages to see if I can yield any responses including a message out to the profile All_the_good_ones_R_gone.  I get a pretty quick response and we talk on the website provided messenger for a few days and then upgrade to texting within the week.  End of the week we decide that it would be a good next step to meet up…But small issue…I lived in Riverton, he lived in Mills…two hour drive.  I made a stand and indicated that he would need to drive over to Riverton and he obliged. 

We agree to meet at my house to start and then go out to dinner, be at my place around 6.  Now I could not tell you / remember what I was wearing but I remember being underwhelmed to start with.  The Dogfather pulled up in his grey Duramax, and got out and that’s the first time I saw him, he opens the front gate and walks toward the house in khaki colored double front Carhartt’s, grey Carhartt shirt with a carabiner key chain hooked on his collar pulling down his shirt due to the weight of the keys and black under armour hat.  I greet him at the front door and decided to go to The Depot Mexican restaurant. 

Dinner among two nervous introverts is as exciting as you could imagine.  Lots of silence, showing and telling on facebook and family was the bulk of the conversation.  After we were done with dinner, we decide to go back to my house and watch a movie In hopes of getting more comfortable being out of a public setting.  I pull out the DVD binder and we decide on watching Troy, good movie, horrible first date movie, there’s a lot of slow spots and nakedness. Awkward.  During all of this, my two dogs, Cedar and Sequoia are investigating this stranger.  One and a half year old Sequoia is ecstatic that a new friend is here to play with, Cedar is a judgmental matriarch who is not against this stranger but also going to let him know that I am her human and promptly sits between us.  Things loosen up and we start to talk and enjoy each other’s company to the extent that I do offer him to stay the night as it is a two hour drive home, but insists that he heads home. 

Overtime things obviously progress and I learned that he had no problem driving home that night because he works night shift…We texted pretty much nonstop every evening so I was shocked to learn that he worked nights after talking for about 3-4 months.  Over time things were getting serious and due to some issues / miscommunications, I move to Mills / Casper and live out of my 26’ Sprinter travel trailer on the side lot of his sister’s duplex that he was living in.  At this point, we’ve been dating for about a year and I was very fortunate to be able to get a new job very quickly so we were talking about and figuring out what we wanted to do and how we wanted to handle moving in together with just the two of us. 

So we look around and decide to have a new home built north of town to get the most bang for our buck and are excited to progress to building our lives together.  At this point though, I’m 28 years old and I wanted to lock this down for sure.  It’s June of the following year and the Dogfather is still working nights and I work standard business hours.  As it’s June, and he works in a giant metal box it gets insanely hot and needs a lot of liquids.  I would take Cedar and Sequoia to the nearby dog park as there is no yard to play in and with two big dogs, they need room to run and during his break, I would bring dinner and some drinks.  This one day, I flat out ask him if he is going to propose to me, it was already decided essentially and being more than slightly type A, wanted to get things arranged and set. 

The frustrating response I got in return was “Do I have to?  Can’t we just go do it and be done with it?’ 

Ladies…You probably feel me a little, Gentlemen…I’m not going to ask your opinion, it’s probably wrong.

Now there are some backstory details that are not mine to share, but I had reason to think that he might not propose so to make light of the situation I decided I would as a joke.  I found a broken black eyed susan at the dog park and in the cheesiest, corniest voice asked him to marry me. 

The response, “okay, start your planning.” 

“what, you serious?”

“Yep, start planning”

“I want a ring”


“I want a ring and you have a week to get me my ring.”

It took about two weeks and I got my ring after the long Fourth of July weekend and it is perfect.  One of the things I wanted to ensure about my ring is I read somewhere once upon a time that in Irish folklore it is good luck to have the Bride’s Birthstone in the engagement ring and even better if you get both Bride and Groom.  Good thing I’m an April Baby and the Garnet side stones are my favorite and everyone loves the colored stones and the symbolism it has for us. 

The wedding planning was fast and simple as we knew we didn’t need or want anything too fancy, we both actually really wanted to just take care of things sooner than later but as the last child to get married on my side of the family, we needed to do some work and in order to get all family we wanted there, we were looking at just over a year out.  We were essentially locked into two weekend, either the last weekend of July or first of August.  We chose the last weekend of July as that was the earlier of the two. 

We planned and scheduled a super laid back party where both of our dads were the officiants for our wedding and from start to finish, the ceremony was 8 minutes.  We had lawn games and free roaming dogs everywhere.  Barbeque dinner buffet and nine round cakes for self service.  Nothing fancy at all.  Bridesmaids were red dresses of their choosing and groomsmen we got brown Carhartt pants and just asked that they wear a white button down shirt.  The Dogfather was intended to wear the same thing but, and I don’t know the full story, was basically told that this was your wedding day, and ended up in a tux. 

We are now encroaching in on being together for 11 years and we’ve gotten to experience a lot of amazing life together.  We’ve gone through job changes and traveling adventures, Cruises and first trips over seas, losing pets and raising puppies.  We’ve been in our home for almost ten years and it has served us well.  We are so excited about the path that the karma gods want to lead us down and want to get out and start our life out on the Prickly Peak as soon as possible.  

In order to do this, we could really use your help.  If you could please share / link our site to your social media platform of choice that would be so greatly appreciated!  We hope that you find our posts entertaining and with your support, we can work on and develop the Peak sooner than later.

Thanks and Bye All Y’all!

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