A Day in the Life of…      


So often in life we wonder, what is normal, what is not, should I be doing this, why does mister / miss / missus perfect have their life together so well.  Truth is we don’t, anything is normal and if you are happy and it’s not harming others then yes, you should be doing it. Here is a standard day in the life of us.

The Date: Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thanks to officiating last night I drank more water in the evening than typical.  You might not think about it but imagine blowing a whistle; don’t blow the whistle like you are scared…blow it!  A good sized inhale and forceful exhaled occurred right?  Perfect, got how that feels on your throat?  Okay, do that rough 600 times over the course of three to four hours.  Your throat gets dry otherwise…even more so when you are doing a lot better than you were, but still not completely recovered from a loving and devoted spouse who wants to share all life’s experiences with you…Like a sinus infection…Thanks sweetheart, love you too.

But that’s besides the point, this was the 23rd, it’s now March 24th, two days before my father’s 86th birthday and my sister in law’s 29th birthday.  In order to maintain hydration and a soothed throat, I trip to the royal throne was requested at 3 am.  Tikka has completely absconded the Dogfather’s pillow using his as her private bed on our bed, he is using her as a pillow.  Lady who is splayed out taking all available space as a 500 pound lead weight in the middle of the bed has the sheets pinned so getting out of bed in and of itself is a struggle but I manage. 

The curtains are half open and the bright waning gibbous moon illuminates the floor allowing me to not trip over Sequoia.  Not a problem there as she’s sleeping in a light consciousness on the Dogfather’s side of the bed.  I take care of business and that is enough to wake up Sequoia.  I now have two options.  When Sequoia truly wakes up in the night, she gets an anxiety attack.  These attacks can get worse if there are other external stimuli that exacerbate the situation i.e. fireworks, wind (I know, pray for us), Lady jumping off the bed, you get the picture.

My alarm is set to go off in about two hours.  We have some anti-anxiety medications we can give her or hope that she is still tired enough / has enough in her system still from last night’s dose that she’ll go back to sleep fairly simply.  In typical fashion as I don’t like drugging her any more than I have to, I decide to hope that she goes back to sleep.  Since I vacated my spot however on the bed, it has magically been filled by two black dogs.  The Dogfather has been able to get his pillow back and is wrapped tighter around the pillow than the rogue hairs or strings in the dryer that get wrapped around your clothes.  Tikka has taken the upper portion of the bed as I use two pillows, one for head and one for body hugging and created her own nest, lady has reoriented herself like a liquid taking up as mush available space as possible.

However, Unlike the Dogfather, I truly am Alpha of the household so when I say beep beep ya gotta move, they listen.  Tikka sulks over and lays on top of the Dogfather since her pillow has gone missing and Lady will stand until I get back into bed and quickly then nestles in the crook of my legs again.  After about ten minutes of heavy breathing, Sequoia falls back to sleep and we all sleep until 4:52…The first alarm…IIIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIIII-IIII’m hooked on a feeling…..snoozed…5:00 IIIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIIII-IIII’m hooked on a feeling…..snoozed…5:08 IIIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIIII-IIII’m hooked on a feeling…..snoozed…5:10, my alarm goes off to the iPhone tune of ascending volume “helios” Unlike someone else, I get up on the first alarm.  I understand one snooze but I come from the mindset that I would rather get more quality sleep than put off the inevitable.

I peel dogs off of me and they immediately relocate to fill in all the available space, I grab my phone, watch and turn on the grow lights for the day.  Making my way into the bathroom, and turn on the light.  I don’t bother shutting the door since “someone” else needs to get up to go to work themselves.  Timing does not matter, if I am getting out of bed, the Pavlovian response is to utilize the facilities.  The Watch is on and I brace myself on the countertop to lean over and open the lid to take a seat, with the light on and hearing sounds, Lady now acknowledges that Mom has gotten up for the day and I need to help greet the day and make it better.  This morning was an affectionate one of a lean into morphing into climb into lap hug love and uvula licking attempts.  This time is typically spent reviewing the emails of overnight find out how the world is trying to implode and how to make sense of what is impending today. 

Nothing special or unique is happening today (Part of the reason we choice today to write about), so the process begins to get ready. 5:16 IIIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIIII-IIII’m hooked on a feeling.  Tikka remains in bed with her favorite human and at this sound, Lady abandons me as the Dogfather finally admits defeat and gives Tikka butt scratches which makes here wriggle and wiggle with love and excitement.  Lady can’t in good conscious allow her older sister to have solo attention and goes to get lovins’ from the Dogfather too.  While our master bath does not currently have a water closet, the Dogfather retreats to the second bathroom to take care of his morning business. 

When he returns, Tikka and Lady have taken their respective spots on the bed and Sequoia has entered and lays right in the middle of everything, sleeping sounder than she did all night now calmed by the fact that there is light, we are there and her light “sleeping” all night made her tired.  Now that we are both up and awake one of the most important and my favorite parts of the day, a long hug, I love you’s, I’m proud of you, how do we think the day is going to go.  I pop my vitamins that will make me nauseous before I even leave for work and the Dogfather starts getting ready. 

I put on Good Mythical Morning on our Echo we have in our bathroom as it’s a great way to start our day.  Laughter, Smiles and gets the day off on the right foot rather than the horrors and truths of what reality may have.  We both get dressed, he dresses as he doesn’t have as much skin care as me, I do because I wear shorts and t-shirt to bed and I get cold.  Once we are dressed, I start getting ready, and Lady now has determined that we are both up and more attention will be given in the bathroom than on our bed.  At this point, the Dogfather is sitting on the throne to put on his boots and Lady is repeating the process she did with me, leaning into him and trying to get into his lap to ensure that he knows how much she loves him.  At this point it’s around 5:30 and we say our good byes.  Love you, Love you more, Please be safe, Maybe or I will try, that’s not a request. 

Lady had to try and get in the photo lol

He goes down stairs, grabs and throws breakfast and lunch in his big igloo cooler / lunch box and heads off.  At this point, I’ve brushed my teeth, done my skincare and working on my eye shadow, mascara and then I am ready to get going.  Turn off the light and ask “whooooooo waaaaaanttssss breaaaakfaaaaassttttt?????”  That’s the cue to get off the bed, and get running down the stairs.  Turn off the lights in the rooms and head down the two half flights of stairs and dole out breakfast.  Sequoia first, then Tikka and finally Lady. 

I head back up the stairs and start piecing together my lunch and breakfast / snacks for the day and it’s almost always the same thing every day.  Piece of bread, yogurt, banana / clementine, apple, peanut butter, carrots, pineapple / cantaloupe.  At work I have a small cache of carb-y type things like chex mix, pop chips, cheez its, pretty much whatever looks good and some tootsie pops too.  Once everything is assembled and in my tote, I turn off the lights, my OCD demands that all the switches are in the down position and make sure to tell the puppies “You be good girls, and I’ll be back, because I looooooove you.” 

Step out the front door and our Ring cameras come to life, lock the front door and head out to the car and go to work for the day. To Be Continued