Happy Anniversary Prickly Peak!

If you haven’t read them yet, I would highly encourage you to read our first posts on this site: 

But today is April 7th, the anniversary of when we signed our first round of paperwork to make Prickly Peak ours.  A lot has changed in life over the last year.  There have been good parts and there have been bad parts and Prickly Peak actually for a lot of 2021 while the second half of April was stressful, was a place that we needed to escape reality as especially in summer of 2021 from end of May through the end of the year seemed to pile on mental anguish. 

We’ve had seven family members in hospitals, three separate surgeries, loss of a family member, mental health break downs, COVID again, and other issues that are not meant to be discussed on here.

But The Peak has brought so much into our lives that we also need.  It provides us goals, aspirations and hopes for future.  We talk about how we want to develop The Peak and what we want to do over time. 

On this one year anniversary of The Prickly Peak, we thought we would share a little photog of our experiences with the peak

April 2nd, 2021
It’s finally formally ours
Some of the mess to clean up

Working on our party area to enjoy while devloping
A Midsummer’s day

A walk down our dirt road
Playin’ with our girls

Winter up at the peak
Looking down the old county road
my attempt at an artistic photo, the second after this was taken, I face planted in the snow thanks to Lady
Looking east on our northern section
Can’t wait for what this next year has in store for us!

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