A Day in the Life of…Part 2   

Ten hours later, full of moments of routine at our day jobs, simplicity and some WTF moments we’re finally able to head home.  As it’s two days before my dad’s birthday and the night before I picked up some cookies for his birthday…He LOVES his cookies and I am definitely an enabler.  I made sure to bring the cookies with me to work so I can swing by to drop them off on the way home so I don’t have to get the puppers riled up by going inside to pick up something and turn around and abandon the dogs.  We got the card ready and brought the cookies over and visited a little bit before heading home to take care of affairs in our own home. 

I have my orders to take half of the cookies home with me because “we don’t need that much” so now I order double so they get the quantity of cookies we want them to have, evil youngest child ploy to ensure their happiness and success.  As I just drove there after work, hop back in the car and drive the 1,000 feet around the block to our house.  Walk in the door and Lady is doing exactly what we are trying to break her of jumping on people and she’s pretty good now of not jumping on most people but she is so happy and excited to see me in particular, and I don’t know if it’s because I am the first one home or if it is me but I don’t have the heart to tell her no and reprimand her.  Her life is so short compared to ours and within reason and structure, greeting me like that makes me happy, makes her happy and it’s not hurting others.  We’re not perfect with others but she’s not jumping on people other than the Dogfather or myself 90% of the time.  For a 18 month old puppy…not too bad…Not great, we can do better, but not bad. 

Once I get in the front door and the initial happy greetings from Lady and Tikka are completed they all want to go outside.  Sequoia is working her way to me, but Old Lady parts move slower and by the time I’m in, we’re going to the back door to let them play in the backyard.  At this point though, one of my true favorite parts of coming home happens and a really bad video was taken trying to show all of this.  Back door opened, Lady runs out…Sequoia follows and is welcomed by an overenthusiastic Lady but Tikka stays inside.  I shut the door and her full on body wiggle, happy dance bounces of excitement for some mommy one on one time is priceless.  At this point, the other two realize that Tikka is not outside and want back inside and I ask of course “Who wants dinners?”  They bolt down stairs as we obviously are starving them.  Kidding…They are labs…they are never full.

Being the genius I am and not having time to prep for dinner tonight due to reffing last night I throw some potatoes and frozen chicken in the pressure cooker (we have a Ninja Foodi, love that thing) and let it go so while I attend to some cleaning, tidying, and do some additional prep for my part of dinner of some zuchinni noodles for the chicken.  The Dogfather and I have similar but different tastes and I’ve adapted over the years to making a starch for him with a protein for us and a vegetable for me.  Other than Mexican, I don’t typically season anything while cooking so that I can season my food in the way I way and he can smother his in BBQ sauce and cheese, maybe ranch, lol.  He genuinely does eat what I cook, but too many vegetables in anything will raise eyebrows.

The Dogfather arrives home and is confronted by dogs that want affection from him and from a long day goes and takes a shower.  Since dinner is in the pressure cooker, I’ll go upstairs with him and ask how the day went, what was new, exciting, drama, gossip, etc.  Dinner finishes up in the pressure cooker and I let dogs outside to play while assembling dinner for us.  Tikka and Lady come back in quickly but Sequoia just loves being outside so at her age, if she prefers being outside with as nice as it is, I’m going to let her enjoy the beautiful weather and not being harassed by Lady. 

Dinner is ready and we find something to watch on our streaming services of choice, this evening, it’s just a rabbit hole playlist of YouTube videos.  I get the dishes done and start the dish washer and at this point in time it’s almost 7.  We get Sequoia back inside to give her some of her anti-anxiety medication for over night by 7:30 pm I’m up taking my shower to get ready for bed.  Once cleaned up and ready for bed, it’s around 8 and we have another hour ish of talking, playing on our switch or a random video compilation until 9 pm hits and we accept the fact that in 8 hours, and I work best on at least 8 hours of sleep, we get to start over. 

We turn off the grow light and Lady immediately jumps onto the Dogfather’s side of the bed.  Picking up the sheets / comforter, he rolls her to the space between us. Tikka however learned from watching Lady when she was little.  When she couldn’t jump up on the bed, we would help her.  The moment she could, I stopped helping her.  Lady however has the Dogfather wrapped around her little pinky dew claw so she would go over to his side of the bed and jump enough to get front paws on the bed and paw at someone to help her and he would.  This became a problem as anytime she wanted to get on the bed she would go to his side and paw at him.  I told him that he can’t keep enabling her behavior and if he stops helping her, she’ll stop asking.  Lo and behold it worked.  But someone had been watching and learning.  If Lady has him wrapped around her pinky dew claw, Tikka has him wrapped around the dew claw that was removed and is nonexistent. 

She is his and he is hers…Sometimes to my neglect…

But every night now…Tikka goes over to his side of the bed and she knows this is a one time per evening deal.  If she is even on the bed with me when he comes to bed, Tikka will get off the bed, wander around for a bit and sit on his side of the bed; dark brown eyes glistening in the moon light, imploring her father to pick her up into bed so she doesn’t have to jump. 

Works every time…

And every time the same conversation happens which is the definition of insanity; Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  “Tikka butt, do you need help on the bed?  Okay, I’ll help you but only if you don’t take dad’s pillow.”  Dogfather lifts her up and without fail every single time she is able to steal his pillow.  And will not move until I ask her to move and because…Alpha…She listens to me. 

We have additional rituals which are for us and for our relationship that we talk about every night that I’m not going to elaborate on here as that’s for us.  Dogs fill the center of the bed, crooks of legs as we are relegated to the edges, we both don’t like going to sleep in silence and both put on respective noises of choice, I have a list of Legend of Zelda instrumental / game play music, he will often fall asleep to an assortment of videos.  Drifting off into a dream filled sleep for me and a dreamless sleep for him, we then set forth to repeat the process on Friday.

Bye All Y’alls

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