Wyoming Small Business Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone and I’m so excited to share this small business owner and friend of ours this week.  Coming up on six (not humanly possible) we met for the first time at a dock jumping event here in Casper, WY.  Her puppy Diamond was maybe eight months old and Tikka had just turned 6 months old, so having black lab puppies, we obviously completely gravitated towards each other.  Every since then we’ve kept in consistent yet puppy focused contact with each other.

Believe it or not however, there is so much more to Ms. Barb Juarez, Owner / Founder and over all completely awesome and amazing person for her business Moving Forward

When asked about her background she responded with the following:

“I was diagnosed in my early 20’s as having Diabetes. I was an active, “healthy” young adult and had never really been sick. At this time, I was admitted into the hospital for an entire week, and went through some very intense diabetes education and daily testing before I was released.

The education I received has changed dramatically for those with Diabetes, but because of this and not understanding a lot of the information, I wanted to help others that needed education to help change their lifestyle and care for the health issues that can become a part of anyone’s life. I then went into nursing, and have degrees in Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Masters in Science of Nursing and just finished up with my Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. 

 I started Moving Forward, LLC in 2014, because of the obesity epidemic we were seeing , worldwide. I wanted to help persons understand better nutrition, and the importance of exercise. Understanding the importance of vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, grains, fats for example is the foundation of knowing how to help ourselves. Starting to help ourselves, from the inside out can help change many health issues that we may have or may develop. I also branched out and became a Personal Trainer to help persons with exercise.”

And she manages to do all of this by herself!  When she is not doting over her amazing daughter, husband and puppers Diamond and Blizzard (fun note:  Diamond as referenced earlier is within a month or two the same age as Tikka and Blizzard is within a month or two age wise of the Lady Puppy!)

On top of everything she also manages and is working with the people of Wyoming by providing primary care (accepting new clients even!) but has also branched out into some additional field that you might not always think of when you think of a health and wellness practitioner / nurse.  Barb is that much more amazing to offer cosmetic Botox, Fillers and even IV hydration and vitamin therapy, which I didn’t even know was a thing until I spoke with her about it…I’ve never even had an IV in my life.

But there are definitely some areas though just like anyone that Barb’s more passionate about like any human being.  She really takes to heart the impact of imparting knowledge and helping to educate her clients to learn and retain the knowledge regarding “health, nutritional intake, and the importance of exercise/movement. Encouraging clients to help out with their own medical decisions is essential in today’s world.”

Another question I had to ask is what practices do you try to employ in your daily life?  Her response is too good not to let it speak for itself:  “Being mindful about the amount of stress experiencing, the amount of sleep received, the type of foods that are taken in, being positive and avoiding some of the negativity we constantly experience, exercising/moving just to name a few. Each day we are in a battle in all these areas but there is always a new day and a start. Don’t live in the past, it has already happened, and you cannot change it. I do try to incorporate the Mind, the Body and the Spirit.”

It is SO important to acknowledge and accept that we can run marathons, lift weights, eat perfectly, but if we don’t take care of ourselves and sometimes make those hard choices, our health will deteriorate just as much as if we neglected the physical side of things. 

Ultimately…Please please go check out:


Call:  307-251-3270 

Email: movingforward307llc@gmail.com

If you have even the smallest amount of interest in the following:

Primary care

Weight Loss Management

LIPO-C Injections

Vitamin B-12 injections

IV therapy

Cosmetic Botox & Fillers

Personal training

And in my humble opinion, anything or questions on how you can live your best life and become the best version of you; please support small business and a great friend of ours. 

Thank you in advance for sharing this article to your friends and family, without your help, small businesses can’t thrive!

Bye All Y’alls

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