What is Reality?

This is meant as a short post for a reason.  Life gets crazy, and social media presents only one side of the story.  But my intentions are to never only show the shiny, lovey, perfect side of life.  Although with labradorks like ours, it obviously can look that way, I mean….

Lets take a moment for puppy spam:

Thank you…

But we are human, we have faults and emotions and good days, great days, crappy days, hormonal days, days where it’s windy outside and you just want to build a blanket fort and cuddle with puppies and spouses.  And all of that is okay.

In this last week we have had an emotional roller coaster of life.  We’re waiting on getting some news to hopefully better both of our lives but we are not at a point where we can talk about yet.  We celebrated our first year having set eyes on the Prickly Peak and it’s warming up so we were able to go work the land a little bit and clean up some of the mess that free range cattle have done if you catch our drift.  Also in an effort to normalize things, I had my period last week so that was great. 

Ladies, we all know that everyone is different, but I for example have three different versions that typically rotate of my cycle.  I’ll have the painful period where cramps try to murder me and a constant stream of ibuprofen is required.  There’s the hormonal period that makes my emotions tank hard and an aura of sadness and depression hit.  Feelings of worthlessness and ineptitude can absorb me and for one to three days and not much can make me smile.  Then the third kind is the sneak attack period where if it wasn’t for my tracker, I wouldn’t know to expect it because a dose or two of ibuprofen due to some mild discomfort and the occasional sneeze that makes you remember what’s going on down stairs and question if you should ever stand up again. 

Last week was a rough emotional period…But we got through it and counting down to only two more cycles before we get to go play on vacation. 

Then we have the reality of work, I have a job where I love the people I am working with, I really enjoy knowing that what I am doing is helping protect the environment and the land of Wyoming but also supporting an industry that is constantly under attack primarily from people who are uneducated on the subject matter.  Case in point, I think back to the “lessons” I had when I was growing up compared to the fact that I know now and the difference is night and day.  The Dogfather however is having a rougher time right now trying to find a niche where he can feel more valued and appreciated.  We’re working on communication to achieve those goals for him now, but it’s hard.

So many people are so focused on what others think of them and the expectation of humanity is that everything is perfect, there are no problems or issues in life and asking for help is frowned upon.  And we’re no different.  Life throws different things at different people in different ways and there might be a backstory you don’t know about that is guiding them to act in the way that they are seeing fit.  How many times are you asked when you see an acquaintance “Hey, how are you doing?”  What is your default answer going to be even if you aren’t most of the time?  Fine, good, great?  That would be my guess, but what if you aren’t?  Articulating those emotions is equally valuable and if you ask that question and receive a response other than the standard, you aren’t going to walk away are you?  No, humans empathize, animals empathize and just because it’s you having those emotions doesn’t mean that no one else is going care about you.  More people care about you than you even think so if you have emotions other than what you think is socially acceptable, speak them, it’s okay to not be perfect, and perhaps even more important that you show you are not perfect. 

Those vulnerabilities are what makes you relatable and affable.  The uncertainty of life unites us all and it’s okay for the pans in the sink to sit until you are prepared to tackle them.  It’s okay to do what it takes to make you happy even if it elicits stares.

We need to normalize on social media that extremely rarely is life nearly as perfect as the version we portray it…But we can do what makes us happy, focus on what makes us happy and as long as whatever it is that makes you happy doesn’t harm yourself or others in the process-do what makes you happy.

Now if you don’t mind, we’re going to go back up to the peak to spend some time by ourselves without the distractions of life, leave cell phones at the house and enjoy being outside, being on our land and day dreaming about what we can do to make it enjoy it until we have the funds to build our forever home.

Bye All Y’alls!

Disclaimer for the after party…we shoveled cow crap…we shoveled cow crap and moved it so we can till and seed drought tolerant prairie grasses instead of cactus.  We talked and had fun…while moving cow crap from one spot to another….Ahhhhhhh….True love….

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