Five and a Half Years Later…

It’s April 2017 and my entire immediate family has coordinated to go on a two week cruise through the Panama Canal on the Disney Wonder.  For reasons previously discussed on Vacation day dreaming… everyone flew in the night before our cruise on April 21.  Two of my three sisters are Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Members and they helped to split the cost of a room for my parents, the Dogfather and I to share a room the night before at the Boardwalk resort the night before the Disney Star Wars marathon / half marathon.  For me…this would be a test for the Dogfather.

You see, five and a half years had passed, I was married for almost four years at this point and I got two and a half weeks of vacation every year and I still held onto my dreams of getting to be a DVC member myself.  Dogfather had never stayed on any Disney property, but I had a feeling he could be swayed / convinced to my desires to benefit him and this trip was a metaphorical dipping the toe in the water for him. I say this as for our honeymoon, I acknowledge I didn’t really give him much choice.  I more or less told him that he was going to go on a Disney Cruise to Alaska as I had to give the cruise I had book up the year before due to a change in jobs, moving etc. 

The Dogfather was extremely apprehensive on this, after all…Disney means screaming entitled children, cruises meant crowded ship, but Alaska…Okay, I’ll go with it and trust you future wife / it’s not worth the battle that will make you happy so okay…Wise choice sir.

Needless to say, after that cruise and introduction to how “un-Disney” a Disney vacation can be, he was sold.  To date, we have been on seven Disney cruises together and several other Disney based locations, but again, let’s go back. 

We made sure to coordinate our flight out to travel with my parents to assist them and ultimately all arrive at the Boardwalk resort at the same time.  Oldest sister had accommodations at a different resort as due to the copious amounts of travel points from her job, why pay more when you can stay for free somewhere else?  Older sister #2 and #3 along with us all check into our resort and get situated in our room.  I am very glad to announce that it’s a little different this time as there are still no spiders but also lake in the room.  The room is a basic studio room with kitchenette queen bed and sleeper sofa which is all we need.  The Dogfather / my luggage arrives quickly along with my father’s, my mother’s however is delayed.  Not a problem, the luggage delivery service is complimentary and just got separated. 

Once we get set up in the room, it’s already getting later in the day and we had dinner reservations at the Polynesian Village resort at Kona Café.  As we do not have a vehicle, we had to use some ingenuity to get to our dining reservations in time.  We could walk to Hollywood Studios or take a boat or take a bus to take another bus to the Polynesian.  We took a Boat. An hour later, we are all at dinner and relishing the fact that we are no longer on a plane, or bus, or shuttle.  Once we’ve had our fill, its coming up on 8 pm and we’re told that we are going to go to Bay Lake Tower for Cake; the same Bay Lake Tower that I almost had membership in five and a half years ago. 

We hop on the monorail and make compulsory stops at the Grand Floridian, Magic Kingdom and then finally able to get off at the Contemporary where Mr. Nixon proclaimed to the world that he was most certainly not a crook.  After disembarking the monorail we walk to the elevated walkway connecting Bay Lake Tower to the Contemporary.  Once in the resort, we have to go to the lobby and check in at a special DVC Members only kiosk to take a special elevator to the Top of the World Lounge.  Thanks to having four members in our group everyone was able to enjoy the luxury of rooftop views of the parks and surrounding lands. 

It’s a surreal and such a special memory in my mind as this is first time at Disneyworld where I am with my husband.  The three previous trips while with family and incredibly special, having someone to watch fireworks with while a medley of the show “Wishes” going on makes you wonder why your eyes are suddenly leaking.  It happens more often than I would care to admit.  After fireworks, it’s time for seven layer cake and from the experts who have been here before, we only order 3 slices for 8 people.  Oh my lordy…This cake is so good and so amazing and every time we have gone to Disneyworld after this we also always make sure to get this cake.  We all quickly polish off the cake and are simultaneously so full we couldn’t have another single bite of this decadent dessert.  We retire to our rooms and pass out from the long day of travel and the amazing night.

The next morning from sleeping on the sofa bed combined with excitement of getting on a cruise ship we were up fairly early.  We lay in bed as long as we dared and decided to get ready for the day as there would be four people competing for one bathroom.  Once ready, it was maybe 7:30 in the morning and the shuttle sister #2 had coordinated was coming to pick us up at around 9:30 so we have time to kill.  Venturing to get breakfast we exit the resort doors and are greeted by loud crowds cheering our arrival and how lucky they were to be graced by our presence…or cheering on the runners of the race which was going on that morning, but we can pretend it was for us.  Very well executed signs flocked the course saying things like you’ll be a lot thinner after this, or closer to the bakery we were going to, that the dark side had cookies.  Picking up our breakfast we sat outside and talked about how nice it was and how excited we were to get going.  Malicious motivations, I was also trying to feel Dogfather for how much he enjoyed the last 18 hours of being on Disney property, he was enjoying it. 

This trip then echoes a lot of the same bits as the last post regarding getting to the port and getting on the boat, only this time, we were a lot more in the know and Sisters #2 & #3 and spouses went to the DVC only events.  I was able to persuade the Dogfather to attend the informational / sales pitch for the newest DVC resort that was about to open in roughly 3 months, Copper Creek at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.  I found it interesting for a few surface level reasons including that they retrofitted part of the existing lodge, the creek that ran through the resort used to be called Silver Creek, and thought that the accommodations there were absolutely stunning.

After a lot of talk and considerations, on July 17, 2017, we joined DVC with a little 125 point contract.  The logic employed is that a contract of that size would permit for us to winter in a studio for a week every year, would force us to slow down and take the vacation we had and provided an outlet for us to enjoy warm weather, in case you didn’t know what winter is like

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