Our Favorite Vacations…

SO We’ve been really busy with life recently and I just haven’t had the time / desire to write. That being said as we are still on the topic of wanting to go on vacations, we got to thinking of out favorite vacations, specifically the vacation that we have done three times already and want to do again…Alaska.

We went to Alaska for our honeymoon and we reminisce to this day about it discussing how much we want to go back after all the COVID shenanigan and regulations expire.

SO to keep things simple, here are some photos of the last trip we did to Alaska coming up on 4 years ago now:

We set sail from Vancouver, BC and for being a big city, this is one we really enjoy visiting

Bridge we sail under while departing


On our way to Tracy Arm

Back to the ship in Skagway, My favorite port
Nugget Falls

Mendenhall Glacier

We actually on our last trip were confused for locals

wildlife spotting

I would be more than happy to elaborate on these photos if that is something you are interested in. Drop a comment or like if you would!

Thanks all!

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