Writer’s block…Help


SO I completely acknowledge that I am having some writers block and we might take a week off of writing so in lieu of this and I’ll let you know if / when a break is happening but until then, Here are some of the most recent photos from our phone! We have a small project coming up that I am guilt tripping to get done for my birthday so updates on that will be upcoming!

The Guilt Trip Project, I want to construct a fire pit using materials we have on property-This is not my photo, I pinned it on Pinterest a long time ago and would love to give credit for it

Walking and enjoying the weather down the road
We actually managed to tire Lady Puppy a little!
Proof we have tired puppies
Going on a dog friendly errand day, Tikka wants to see where we are going, Lady just wants us to throw the ball
Look how Cute!
Just want to face palm sometimes seeing the positions that are “Comfortable”