We Miss Cruising

Still having some writers block and thinking about our upcoming vacation. One of our favorite vacations we ever took we actually took twice, a 14 night cruise through the Panama Canal. The photos below are from our first transit through back in 2017:

Ship that I have done 6 of my 8 cruises on an home for the next 2 weeks
In Cozumel, Submarine excursion with Sister and Brother in Law
Fire Drill, nice to see in a way how it was handled and their training
Cartagena, Colombia Skyline
In Cartagena, there is a little zoo / park for those who don’t want to leave the port
Tropical flowers everywhere, so different from the Peak
These little guys scurried around, never attacked or jumped visitors but definitely interacted
There is an aviary full of beautiful birds
and showy peacocks roamed freely
Along with lounging iguanas
Saved my pennies to get a Colombian emerald
Departing Cartagena for the canal

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