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So we really want to thank you for your patience while we were waiting for weather to get ready to do more work up at the Peak.  We finally have a small update for you.  This past weekend our order from the conservation district came in. 

What?  The Conservation District?  Yes, every fall for us in the Natrona County Conservation District area ( http://www.natronacountyconservationdistrict.com/ ) has a sale for seedling trees ( http://www.natronacountyconservationdistrict.com/seedlingtrees.html ) about 8 years ago, we did an order of these trees and shrubs for our backyard and we now have a border of huge trees and shrubs making for a park like back yard that we love playing with our dogs in. 

Checking in with your local conservation district is something I would highly encourage regardless of your home or land status as they have so much to offer you as they have information and education relevant to your area and dependent reduced price testing for soils, water, etc.

From our experience and the variety that we planted 8 years ago ish we knew what we wanted and placed our order and we also knew what we absolutely did NOT want to order too (willows, they send out so many suckers that would take over everything if offered the chance)  So in our order we placed an order for Prairie Apples and Prairie Apricots, Caragana, Black Currants, Chokecherries, Prairie Roses and trying out False Indigo.

These trees and shrubs come as bare root so when the time comes for delivery, we have to get them in the ground and watered as they are without nutrients or water.  After coordinating with the Dogfather, it was decided that I would pick up the trees / shrubs on Friday and plant everything on Saturday.  It was great timing as rain was anticipated to fall that afternoon as a storm was blowing in so I made sure to wake up and get up to the peak at a decently early hour and got out there around 9 am.

I brought the puppies with me for this adventure and while I was nervous about planting a bunch of sticks…with three Labrador Retrievers…that love sticks…Everything went really smoothly.  After planning on where we wanted to plant the trees / shrubs we got started.  We knew we wanted to keep the planting far enough away from where we think we want to build the home some day, but also wanted to start the development of a windbreak.  So in the sagebrush we created three rows; one each of Caragana, False Indigo and the Prairie Roses and along some of the edges of our development the Chokecherries and Currants. 

I felt so bad for Lady in particular as all she wanted was my love and affection by throwing the mud covered tennis ball for her as I’m guessing I had some mild allergies going on with a runny nose in the sweet earthy scent of sage, love that scent so much, I just wanted to get the 150 plants done before the rain came.

About three hours later and we had success, three rows and edging were planted before the rain started.  But with the good weather starting, our big project of the year fencing would start on Sunday. 

Tikka is such a good girl and loves her humans, she stayed with me most of the time
And Lady so tired when we got home but can you please throw my ball more

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