Slow Progress…

When we left off we had a chainsaw that only wanted to work sideways which is not ideal when you are looking to make vertical cuts.  SO we came come and discussed in greater detail what we thought would be the best option for us and after doing some YouTube video research we decided that we would get an electric chain saw since when we use the saw, we will use it intensely for a while and then it will sit for a year or more perhaps.  This lack of use is what likely killed our previous saws.  We ended up getting the highly rated Dewalt 60v option.

By the time we got it home however, being mother’s day, we had to get over to my parents’ home for cake to celebrate. 

Three days later…

It’s a nice day for the week meaning that hind wind warnings have subsided and we want to finish our corner post and then see how much further we can get with constructing the H posts.  Of course we can’t leave puppies behind as we’ve already abandoned them for ten hours in the day so we load them up and see how far we can go.  It’s always so entertaining to see the zeal and enthusiasm that Tikka especially has whenever we go up to the peak.  From the moment we get in the car, she is always excited that she gets to come with us, but when she knows where we’re going she inches forward slowly on the center console, trying to get closer and closer to the windshield so you can obviously see better.

Until she sees the cows, Cows are her weakness.  Once she sees cows that takes precedence and you have to move to the side window and then back window to keep the cows in your sights.  Once cows are gone though, she’s right back up, head on dad’s shoulder licking in his ear.  It’s called the ear game and when she licks his ear while driving that is a clear violation of Chapter 3, Section 46, (b)(iii)

Okay, quick side tangent on what ear game is; it’s something that started when Tikka was a little puppy that started more as a stare off between two parties.  But when the stare down was over and play time would start, she’d go for the ears.  Well it morphed over time to a mutual ear attack of who can stealthily bite the others ear first with the problem of course being the closer to biting her ear, the closer your ear gets to her mouth.  Dogfather typically loses this game as Tikka and Dad are play time and Mom is WTF you doing mom.

I digress…

We arrive up at the peak and collect our supplies for what we think we need and head over to the Southeastern corner to finish the corner post and maybe see how far we can get.

The new chain saw revs up and does beautifully notching the post as needed for us to finish the corner post and the wire bracing is installed.  We finally have the first of way too many posts set and braced.  It’s still nice enough that we decide to try and tackle our first H brace for mid fence line support.  Auger excavates the holes for the uprights with ease and we tamp the fresh soil to set the posts.  That being said, driving the nails for the cross brace shakes the posts we had just set to the core and tamping must carry on once again to solidify the posts into place.

At this point its approaching 7 pm and we need to get back into town for dinner and bed as we try to migrate upstairs around 8 pm to wake up for work at 5 am.

A few days elapse and before we know it, it’s the following Sunday before we can get back out and it is gorgeous, low wind, mid 70’s temperature wise and we want to get to work.

It’s a shame we only have 1 spike nail left.  We now need to make time after work to try to find these spike nails as the first store we tried on Monday failed us and we have as of four birthdays to celebrate over the course of this week.

Until later, bye all y’alls

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