Random Displays of Affection Hold Greater Value IMHO…

Society dictates that we show affection for and proclamations of love for our significant others on somewhat specific days:



-Valentine’s Day

-Other self-proclaimed days / Firsts

-Et Cetera

But love and adoration for your person should not be relegated to these days and therefore, if you don’t want a sickly I love my husband post, you are excused…

Okay, still here? Great!

Because The Dogfather is one of the most amazing men ever and the world deserves to know this.  This is a man who will bust his butt seven days a week for twelve hour shifts if his work indicates that they need him as he is one of the most skilled tradesmen in his specialty.  This is a man who I literally just learned will be going back to work night shift to better serve his company.  This definitely makes for quality time for us harder to come by but the time we get together to complete the mundane tasks of adulating even better. 

He bust his butt for us every single day, waking up going and working over 80 hours a week sometimes to enable us to work towards our dreams.  These dreams of establishing a forever home for us and the puppers, a place that will forever be ours and a self-sufficient home that we can live as independently from society as we care to.  After all, there are sometimes that you just have to get Taco Bell as the default because we can’t go to a sit down restaurant because of puppies and we know what to expect. 

This is someone who without fail enables me to do whatever I want, within reason of course to use my judgement to take care of things around our home how I want and see fit.  If I ask (nag) that we need to work on a fence, we go work on a fence, if I think we need X, we get X to enable me to do what I want.  This is someone who enables me to develop my career and encourages me to pursue whatever option I think is best.  This especially has been a stressful part of life for the last roughly year as being of similar ages and while he has been at his position longer than I have at mine, we both have come to career crossroads and so many distress end of day bathroom conversations have occurred.

While neither of us are at liberty to disclose career outcomes yet, things are looking up.

He always puts our family first as small as it is but also makes sure our extended family is taken care of as well.  This means helping my mom navigate evil curbs, making trips to support family in hospitals where we can and helping ensure we spend quality time and vacations with them as we are all spread out and far between.  We might not be able to be there for every event, accident or otherwise, but taking care of family is one of the absolutely most important things to him. 

He supports my crazy schedule when volleyball seasons start up in the spring and fall and understands that it means more time away from him to pursue one of my hobbies that I am passionate about.  But as I progress in that career, that means multiday tournaments on his precious days off where I’m not around to be with him or help with the home.  It means that he stays and watches / takes care of the girls so I don’t have to worry about them.  It means that I know how proud he is of the advances I’m making to help support the athletes of Wyoming as there has been more than one time that if I wasn’t able to help out.

There are so many other small moments like stealth play attacking and playing with the puppies, not forcing me to cook him a second dinner when I am content eating leftovers as there are very few meals that are leftover quality for him to consume, helping me around the house whenever I ask and that goes for anything for the most part.  If he is capable of helping me he will, if he is capable of helping others, he will, often to a fault.

There are so many other small intricacies that make the Dogfather the love of my life, but this will have to suffice for now. 

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